Exploring Limits

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Exploring Limits

When Jonathan Braedon is offered the part of King Arthur in a British miniseries he knows things are changing in his life. Jonathan has never been able to express his attractions for men in the past as his young son has been around. For years he has been concealing his attraction, but things are about to change. At first he tries to conceal his attraction to his costars Devon Aldridge and Kit Webster. It is hard when both men are as interested in him as well and take it as a challenge to seduce their king and prove they are both his for the taking.

The three men explore their attraction for each other in private mixing a little kink and sex, making it hotter then anything Braedon as ever felt before.

Exploring Limits could have been a little better with more plotline and a little less free for all sex. Don't get me wrong the sex was hotter then hell and sexy but it took the whole story up and didn't have much more than that to go for it. If someone likes a sex for all and not much else they will like this story but I like a little more substance.

Book Blurb for Exploring Limits

Page Count:  171
m/m, contemporary
Jonathan Braedon's successful acting career and consideration for his young son have always kept him from acting on his attraction to men. Newly cast as King Arthur in a BBC miniseries, he manages to conceal his interest in costars Devon Aldridge and Kit Webster—but Kit and Devon are just as interested in him. Rather than fighting over Jonathan, the two decide to seduce him together. Jonathan might have been able to hide his attraction to Devon and Kit individually... but together, they're too much to resist.
The three find themselves deciding what they want out of their lovemaking and their relationship, exploring options they'd never before considered or thought they'd left behind. Add a touch of kink to the mix, and Jonathan, Devon, and Kit discover that the perceived limits of the past are really just the beginning.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 2.50