Book Three in the Refuge Shifters Series

Jerek a lonely cougar shifter is captured by the hunters and almost used against his own people. The guardians luckily rescue him. He thinks his life is going to be better because he meets Mica a man made from stone to help protect the shifters. But things go from there to worse when he's threatened and hurt by the new cougar alpha and forced to flee from the compound.

Up in the mountains he meets the true blue cougar alpha Suni, who nurses him back to health and discovers his truemate. But Jerek can't forget Mica and wants Suni to meet Mica also.  But Suni doesn't want anything to do with the outside world. That is until he meets Jerek and Mica and doens't want to loose either of them.

Mica the stone man is still finding his feelings when Jerek comes along and turns his world upside down, but when Jerek disappears Mica is almost killed trying to find him.

Together can Mica, Suni and Jerek bring justice for their people and happiness for themselves?

Evolution is the third in the Refuge series and is just as good and just as hot a read as the first book.  The story of Jerek finding and loving Mica and almost loosing his life over that love made for a poignant storyline in of itself but when he finds Suni and they bond and he still loves Mica it gets even better. When Suni and Mica and Jerek all find their love for one another is stronger than apart is a great ending of that story.

The Love scenes of course were as hot, sexy and steamy as well. Evolution is definitely a keeper and a recommend read for friends and others who like shapeshifter love stories. I can't wait for the next one in the series to come out, so I can find out what happens for the friends I've made in these books. 

Book Blurb for Evolution

CATEGORY: Contemporary, Paranormal Erotic Romance, Shifters, M/M, GLB

ELEMENTS: Strong sexual content, graphic language, male/male intercourse, ménage and anal play.

HEAT LEVEL:  Fire Opal

LENGTH: Category


Jarek, a young cougar shifter, arrives at Refuge full of hope. He is finally in a place where he can have a lover and his first-ever home. Meeting Mica feels like icing on the cake, but his dreams are quickly shattered by a night of pain and violence at the hands of his Alpha.

Mica, a stone man, is trying to get his emotions under control. He likes Jarek, but isn't sure what to do with the overwhelming lust he feels whenever Jarek is near. After the two of them are caught in a compromising position, Jarek goes missing, and Mica will do anything in his power to track him down.

Suni, the true-blue Alpha of the cougars, doesn't want anything to do with the rest of his kind. He is perfectly content to live out his life in seclusion. When he stumbles across a young cougar shifter near death, he realizes he's found his mate. When Jarek regains consciousness and tells Suni about Mica, the true Alpha is left wondering where he'll fit in.

Three men, one who wants to feel, one who doesn't know how to feel, and one who refuses to feel, come together on the side of a mountain. The resulting clash of personalities and sexually charged energy will change their lives forever.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.00