En Fuego

I've always liked stories with animals in them, especially when they bring the love interests together. Big fireman Brad Flannery rescued a mother cat with kittens. It was so cute. Then he goes and falls for veterinarian Marshall Ramirez. It made for a good story. I liked En Fuego a lot and gladly recommend it.


When firefighter Brad Flannery rescues Mother cat and her kittens from a fire he meets Marshall Ramirez, the local veterinarian. The attraction between then heats up as Brad gets to know Marshall better. They bond over the care of the momma cat and kittens. As Brad and Marshall get closer Fuego the kitten and momma wiggle their way into both men's hearts. So SWEET!

Book Blurb for En Fuego

Marshall Ramirez isn’t looking to fall in love, but from the moment firefighter Brad Flannery walks through the doors of Marsh’s veterinary clinic, he’s smitten. Marsh treats Fuego, the cat Brad rescued from a house fire, and convinces Brad to take her on as a foster—along with the three kittens Marsh helps her deliver. What Marsh really wants, though, is for Brad to keep him too.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 3.50