Duet in Blood

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Duet in Blood

When Micah Fitzgerald decides to go out for the first time after his break up, he doesn't expect to meet Joseph Meyer and certainly not to fall in love with him. He feels out of place with Joseph's friends because they are so elegant.
Joseph knows that Micah is his forever love and will do anything to keep him safe. So when Joseph disappears during a business trip to France Micah is very concerned and afraid, but when he hears Josephs voice in his head he tells Joseph’s friends and won't take no for an answer when they go to rescue Joseph from an old enemy. All the friends lives are threatened by these old enemies especially Micah's.
Will Joseph be able to protect Micah from his past or will the old enemies kill all of them?
Duet in Blood was a good book I did enjoy reading it a lot. The love scenes were hot and sexy also. I would read it again.

Book Blurb for Duet in Blood

Book three in the My Vampire and I Series

Micah Fitzgerald, still hurting from a recent breakup, finds himself intrigued, and then captivated by Joseph Meyer, a handsome and sophisticated stranger he meets in a west Hollywood bar. Very quickly, Micah finds himself falling in love with Joseph and, through him, is drawn into a world of elegant and fascinating people.

When Joseph disappears on a supposed business trip, Micah is frustrated by the man's close friends who seem unwilling to give him any information or allow him to help in the search. When he challenges Marcus Verano, Joseph's closest friend, and accuses him of hiding the truth, Micah discovers a great deal more than he even barganied for.

Taken hostage by Joseph's long-time enemies, Micah is presented with two choices. Either join the forces of evil, or allow his lover to induct him into the seductive dark world of the vampires. Even after he makes his choice, Micah finds that danger and treachery threaten him, and the man he now loves unconditionally.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 3.50