Drivin' Hard

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Drivin' Hard

When Jude Rae Clarke picks up the handsome young hitchhiker he doesn't expect the ride of his life and meeting his true love. Being on the road Jude has driven a big rig for years. His choice of careers cost him his marriage. Meeting Logan Bleau on the road and having him in his truck was making Jude question his choices.
Logan Bleau was seeing the country before settling down for a career in law. Hitchhiking cross-country was his way of choosing his own way of life. When Jude, picks up Logan in his big rig, the road becomes fun and adventurous. When Logan finds out Jude is also gay his attraction for the trucker explodes in lust.
When Logan and Jude visit Denver and stay with Jude’s friends, Will Jude tell Logan of his love or will he stay on the road driving his truck and not experience the love of a lifetime?
I really enjoyed this story about love on the road. It hits close to home for myself since I drive a truck also. The love and tenderness between Logan and Jude was touching and fun to read. The love scenes were hot as usual for G A Hauser's work. I would recommend this book to friends and probably re-read it again myself.

Book Blurb for Drivin' Hard

A long-hauler by trade, thirty-five year old, Texas-born Jude Rae Clarke thought the highway was his freedom. Driving his jet black International big-rig, his pride and joy, Jude tried to build a new life after his divorce, but never seemed to be able to settle down.

Twenty-six year old, blue eyed-blond, Logan Bleau, graduated Yale law school and set out to explore America. Escaping his past, unwilling to be influenced by his parents, Logan held out his thumb on the highways, hoping to find himself on his trek to his final destination, San Francisco’s gay scene.

Outside Houston, on Interstate 10, Logan was given a lift by the handsome Texan in his eighteen- wheeler. And it was a ride he would never forget. As the two men got acquainted, and a sexual attraction bloomed, both Logan and Jude begin to re-evaluate their lives and futures.

Taking a detour to Denver where Jude met up with his old friend, Taylor Madison, and his partner, Owen Braydon, Jude is faced with a decision; giving up his career of cruising the highways in his pride and joy, or passing up on a love of a lifetime. Whichever he chooses, it’s going to be a tough road.

Falling in love, Logan and Jude couldn’t control their sexual appetites or explain the mind-melting sessions they shared in back of the truck, but it brought a whole new meaning to the term Driving Hard.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 4.00