Double Trouble

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Double Trouble

Twins Danny and Donny decide that they want a challenge, because they are bored. It’s just too easy for them to get any gay man they want. They make a bet with each other to get a straight man to have sex with both of them all the while not knowing they are twins.  The competition heats up when they choose a construction worker named Bruno.

But when Donny falls in love with Bruno, things get complicated as jealousy and anger flares up. When Bruno finds out they are twins the bet almost ruins it all. When Donny decides that Bruno means more then the bet can he convince Bruno of his feeling or will Bruno turn away in anger?

Double Trouble was pretty well done though from the start I really didn't like Donny too much.

The saying that in each set of twins you get one wicked and one good is definitely applied to these twins.

Donny did redeem himself to me during the last part of the book. He finding loves does conquer all even a spoiled attitude. Danny was the good twin. He always following the lead of his twin, in the end following his own path after Donny found his own life.

The love scenes between the twins and the men they seduced were pretty hot and steamy but when they made love to the men they were meant to be with the scenes where scorching and so sexy. This was made so with Donny exploring and teaching his man what it was like for them in love and sex.

This one is also a winner by G A Hauser and well worth reading. This story has a wonderfully deep story of redemption and love found. I’ll recommend this to readers and friends for a great storyline.

Book Blurb for Double Trouble

Identical twins, Donny and Danny Rothschild were never at a shortage to have sex with men. The two gorgeous brothers were taking a break after graduate school to play for a while until they moved out of their parents’ fancy LA mansion, to begin careers, and get on with their lives.

But Donny had grown bored. Casual hookups weren’t a challenge and the growing anxiety that he and his twin would soon go their separate ways was making Donny angry.

To kill time and give them something to do before the drudgery of a nine to five job descended upon them, the two men make a bet. A bet to find, seduce, and conquer a straight man.

But something else happened; an unexpected surprise that rose up from the near catastrophe of a horrible charade.

Would their bond be stretched to breaking point or make them closer than they had ever imagined?

They had one goal- to become independent and successful, regardless of the consequences. And that meant on thing. DOUBLE TROUBLE!

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 3.75