Dirty Irishman

Team Paladin Book 2

“Dirty Irishman” is the second in the “Team Paladin” series. I’ve read book one already. In comparison this second book wasn’t as good as book one, but it was still good. Mostly this book furthers the overall story arc.

The reason this wasn’t as much of a hit was the overall pacing. This was a bit slower and Forrest had a bit too much of a pity party for my taste. Kris didn't help with his own problems either. Still, I did like that they ended up together. They both got what they needed from life and each other.

Overall, I’m recommending this this book and series. Once you start you will want to read them all.

Book Blurb for Dirty Irishman

Marine veteran and panther shifter Forrest Bell has given up on life. A double amputee, he does as he is ordered then spends the rest of his time sitting on the front porch of the hotel waiting to die. His panther side pulled away during the past year he spent recovering and he’s not sure it will ever return.

After ending up in the drunk tank, music composer Kris Kelly finds himself sent to Paladin, Montana to friends of his uncle. Though he’s not happy with the situation, he hopes the forced vacation will bring back the music that has gone missing from his soul.

Can a wounded warrior who has given up find a new reason to live when his mate, a dirty Irishman, shows up? Will Kris be able to salvage his floundering music career? Can the two men find their happily ever after as part of Team Paladin?

Be Warned: m/m sex, public exhibition

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 3.50