Destiny's Bastard

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Destiny's Bastard

In 1456 the love between Sir Gerard Fogg and Prince Tristan Fysher is forbidden. Even though the two men carry on a secret love affair, tragedy strikes when Tristan is killed by a crazy man from the future named Malcolm. Sir Gerard is sentenced to death for letting Tristan be killed when he was supposed to protect him.

While awaiting his death Gerard is approached by Ranulf Godfrey who tells him that Tristan shouldn't have died so young that he had a life to live but because of his death bad things will accrue. So Godfrey asks Gerard if he will join him in trying to right the wrongs of Tristan's death.

Godfrey leads Gerard into the future to find Malcolm and Tristan is reincarnated in the form of Jon Caldwell. When Jon a researcher who is cataloging the ruins finds Gerard and Godfrey at the ruins of the castle Algonwick he thinks that they are the men who vandalized it. His instant reaction though is one of relief when he finds they aren't the vandals.

When Gerard tells Jon who he really is Jon can't believe it. Will Jon be able to get past his disbelief and find the love awaiting him or will Algonwick be a thing of the past?

Destiny's Bastard's has a good storyline and I enjoyed the time travel romance of Jon and Gerard. The reincarnation story added a bit of spice to the love story. I enjoyed the love scenes as they were hot and passionate. They made for an added bonus for this well written love story. Time Travel romances are well liked and I do recommend this one for those who like these stories.

Book Blurb for Destiny's Bastard

Length: Novel Plus
Genre: LGBT Time Travel Paranormal

Sir Gerard Fogg, knight in the Royal Guard of the kingdom of Algonwick, is in love with the King’s only son, Prince Tristan Fysher. The two men carry on a secret, sexual affair and proclaim their undying love for one another, only to have it torn apart by an intruder from the future. A white supremacist named Malcolm, stumbling on a time portal between 2006 and their time of 1456, murders Tristan and escapes to the future.

Sentenced to death for failing to protect the Prince, Gerard is freed by the King’s advisor, Ranulf Godfrey, the one man who knows where to find the murdering Malcolm. The two men travel through time to 2006 to discover the castle they love in ruins and a handsome young researcher named Jon Calder cataloging the artifacts of Algonwick’s forgotten age. Jon, who has never felt as though he fit in anywhere except the ruins of this castle, is the vessel within which resides the soul of the murdered Prince. As Gerard and Jon embark on a journey of sexual discovery more than 500 years in the making, the murderous Malcolm circles ever closer.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual practices.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 3.50