Whitedell Pride, #2

Catherine Lievens does a great job with the Whitedell Pride series. Derick is the second book in the series and it was well worth reading from beginning to end. I've just started reading The Whitedell Pride series after reading the Gillham Pack series, which is also written by Cathrine Lievens, and both are great reads and worth you time. I enjoy reading shape-shifter love stories often and this book just added to my library. I recommend this book highly.

I liked Derick’s character for his courage in facing what he was and accepting it. I also enjoyed when Derick found his mate, Nate, though it was a bit confusing in the story at times because it made me think about this question often, ‘Are they, or aren't they?’

Book Blurb for Derick

Derick is running from his pack, his family. He has to, if he wants to save innocent people. His Alpha is planning an attack on the Whitedell Pride, and he can’t let it happen. Sure, he knows he will probably have to pay a price for his betrayal, but he is ready to do it. He hadn’t thought his price would be a good one, until he finds his mate in the pride.

Nate is the pride’s Beta, and as Beta, he has to follow the unspoken rules that exist in the shifter community. He wasn’t looking for a mate, and he certainly didn’t think his mate would be a wolf shifter. Not that he has anything against wolf shifters, but this one brings way too many problems with him.

Derick’s Alpha knows what he has done, and he plans to make him pay. When Derick is kidnapped, Nate has to decide if he wants to play by the rules and risk his mate, or if he’s going to save Derick, risking a justified attack from the pack.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.00