Del Fantasma: Unicorn

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Del Fantasma: Unicorn

Erotic Paranormal M/M

To Catch a Unicorn? Well first you need a pure of heart Virgin. Jack has avoided virgins for a long time taking his pleasure where and when he can find it. Del Fantasma lately has been a favorite hangout of his until the night Scott walks in looking for his brother.
Scott having looked after Bryan for the last couple of months has responded to a call for help from Bryan. Not knowing Bryan has been under the influence of a vampire for those few months.
Scott and Jack come together in Del Fantasma and they say the rest is history.
Jack knows something is wrong with the meeting and that Bryan and vampires have set Scott up, but the attraction is already set between the two men.
Can Jack save Scott from the vampires and can Scott save Jack also? or will Jack loose Scott forever?
I've always loved unicorns and this was what got me to read Del Fantasma: Unicorn. I enjoy the story of the two hot men and how they found each other. Wow – this one was one hot and sexy story. Together these guys had a sexy life.

Book Blurb for Del Fantasma: Unicorn

It takes a special kind of virgin to bind a unicorn.

Scott would never have dreamed he was pure of body, heart and soul, but then he had no cause to believe unicorns even existed until he reluctantly drove to Del Fantasma late one night to rescue his stranded brother, Bryan.

Jack may be a unicorn, but he's he avoids virgins like the plague. The chances of meeting that special type of virgin is slim-to-none in bars like Del Fantasma and he delights in every opportunity to feed his own lusty appetites while he can. After all, a unicorn may be undeniably attracted to virgins but that doesn't mean he has to be one himself.

Unfortunately for Jack's plans, their bond is instantly formed when he meets Scott. Jack is now Scott's to command. He just has to convince him what he is, something that sounds a lot easier than it is.

And Bryan? Well, it turns out that their meeting wasn't entirely by chance. Bryan was instructed by a group of vampires to get the two together.  Now that he has, can Jack and Scott discover the threat against them and save Bryan in time?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 3.75