Def Con One

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Def Con One

When newly graduated from basic Air Force training Airman Bryce Callahan is sent to his first duty station in Cheyenne Wyoming. He's a little wary and kinda lonely until he's assigned to Sargent Todd Claymore for training. He finds that his soul mate is right in front of him.
In a don't ask don't tell situation they try to keep it discreet, but when the tensions escalate with the Russian's and the attacks start on the base Bryce is afraid that he might loose Todd.
Will they make it thru the tensions or will they loose everything?
Def Con One is a very well written book and the flow is very cliffhanger. I had trouble putting this one down and I will definitely recommend it to friends.

Book Blurb for Def Con One

Air Force Airman Bryce Callahan reports to the missile silo base in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to take up duties with the Base Security Police Squadron.  There he meets Sergeant Todd Claymore, his training partner... who becomes his romantic partner, as well.  Their lives settle into a routine as peaceful and pleasant as is possible while they're on active duty.

That peace is broken when a squad of rogue Soviet commandos cross the U.S. border headed straight for Callahan's base, intent on destroying the ICBM missiles.  Led by a Soviet general who controls an unsanctioned missile base in the Ural Mountains, the guerrilla action could easily explode into World War III.  Caught up in the danger, Callahan and Claymore must face the enemy with courage to stop the attack and an all-out nuclear war.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 4.25