Dealing with the Dead

The Thompson Agency #1

“Dealing with the Dead” has to be one of the better books I’ve read in a while. Author Toni Griffin has always grabbed with her words and pulled me into her books. I enjoyed the passionate heat and intensity between Jayden and Noah.

Noah sticking up for Jayden when his brothers kept ragging on him. That was what a mate should do. From the beginning of the book to the very end they were meant to be. Feeling that from the beginning made this a great read. I hope to read the next in the series as well. I gladly recommend this book for the great story between the pages.

Book Blurb for Dealing with the Dead

Being the seventh son of a seventh son is no easy task. Neither is the fact Jayden Thompson is the most powerful necromancer his country has ever seen, which is why Jayden has kept it to himself. Then Noah Michaels throws a spanner in Jayden's quiet, orderly existence.

Noah has recently suffered the death of his twin and needs help in completing his brother's final work. The only person capable of this is a young man with blue streaked hair. Noah doesn't expect to fall for the guy, but fall he does.

Loving Jaden is easy, watching the havoc Jayden's powers create—not so much.

Please note: this is a previous release.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 4.50