Danny's Dragon

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Danny's Dragon

Contemporary/ Gay

For six months Danny Wong has had a crush on campus cop David Pearce, but when he's mugged and David comes to his rescue Danny won't let him arrest the homeless man. David can't believe that Danny won't let him do his job and protect him.
David has been lusting after Danny's for a long time and is startled when he finds that Danny returns the lust in spades, but David finds that Danny has never acted upon his being gay. He is hoping David will teach him about love and lust.
David is all too happy to teach Danny all there is to learn but he didn't expect to fall in love with the sexy man. When the past comes back to haunt him it could destroy everything.
Will David let the past destroy him and Danny's future or will he fight for the man he loves?
Danny's Dragon was a good read and the love scenes were sexy and hot, but David's attitude was a little annoying "oh woes" doesn't really make a good Alpha.

Book Blurb for Danny's Dragon

When Danny is mugged, he won't let the sexy cop he's been lusting after arrest the perp. He does, however, let David take him home and make love to him. In shared passion, David finds the keys to becoming Danny's dragon.

For six months, Danny has lusted after the gorgeous police officer, David Pearce, who patrols the building where he works. He doesn’t imagine, however, for a second that the attraction is mutual. However, when he’s mugged one night after leaving work, the cop who tries to apprehend the mugger turns out to be that same sexy David Pearce. Danny knows the man who attacked him was only hungry and needed food, so he prevents Dave from pursuing him. But in the aftermath of the attack, Danny sees that life is giving him an opportunity to spend time with the man he desires.

Dave is floored by the way Danny steps in between him and the vagrant who mugged him, showing compassion for his attacker. Danny is quiet and strange…and incredibly handsome, the object of Dave’s fantasies for the last six months. This quiet act of strength draws him even more strongly to Danny. And even though Danny wouldn’t let him arrest his attacker, he does let Dave drive him home and bring him comfort. That one night of pleasure leads to more – searing passion and incredible mind-blowing sex.

Until Dave’s painful past looms up…then it’ll take more than simmering lust to save the bond they share.

Publisher Note: This story has been extensively re-written and re-edited for release with Total-E-Bound

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 3.00