Dancers Rhythm

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Dancers Rhythm

Gregg Phelps and his friends of the dance troupe have been together since high school. They are a team and vowed to stay together if they can. But when Colin Greaves comes into Gregg's life and turns it upside down with love Gregg isn't sure what is going to happen next.
Colin Greaves is an artistic director from London. He wants Gregg to come to London with him and dance for his troupe. But Gregg can't leave New York because he has obligations he can't abandon.
Will Gregg and Colin be able to be together or will distance tear them apart? Will they be able to work things out so love will guide them?
I enjoy Dancer's Rhythm a lot and will recommend it to friends. The story was good and the love scenes Hot and Sexy.

Book Blurb for Dancers Rhythm

The Avante-Garde Dancers might struggle in their off-off-Broadway theater, but they have been together since high school and have sworn they’re a team and will remain that way. Then Colin Greaves, the artistic director of a London dance company, offers their unofficial leader, Gregg Phelps, the chance of a lifetime—not only to join his troupe but also to do some choreography.

Gregg has been lusting for Colin since the first time he saw him across the footlights. There is nothing casual about the sex they share, and Gregg is soon torn between his commitments to people he’s always loved and his desire for the only man who has ever made him feel complete.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 3.50