Damian and the Doctor

Symbiotic Mates, #4

Doc is captured. He is held in the dungeon to be tamed by Ethan, another vampire seeking the blood of the Lycan so he might mate with Abbie. But when Damian, a scared vampire, takes over Doc's care they begin to grow closer until the two men unexpectedly share their blood. The Bond begins to grow between them. Ethan's plans are foiled again but he does get to mate with Abbie.

Damian and the Doctor again continue the Symbiotic Mates series but it's a little harsher in the telling of their story. The mistrust of Doc with Damian and their growing to care for one another adds to the storyline. This story also must be read in series order so it makes scenes to the plotline of the Symbiotic Mates series. I still like the overall plotline and will recommend you start at the beginning with Hunter and the Hawk.

Book Blurb for Damian and the Doctor

A disfigured vampire forms a bond with a Lycan hostage, grateful for the companionship of someone that doesn't care about his appearance--even if it's only an animal. But when the wolf shifts to human form, will Doc still look past Damian's scarred face or turn away in disgust?

Doc, the Lycan physician, is taken hostage and imprisoned in the Colony, home to the vampires. He knows they have some sinister plan for him but he intends to go down fighting--as a wolf. Beaten and drugged, Doc's canine spirit is at its lowest point, but nothing can persuade him to shift to human form until Damian, a disfigured vampire, gains his trust.

It's Damian's job to convince the wolf to shift, but the lonely vampire is grateful for the companionship and he dreads the day when he'll see pity and loathing on the Lycan's human face. Will Doc be able to look past Damian's scar or will he turn away in disgust?

Content Advisory: This title includes both M/M and M/F content, mild BDSM, and scenes of rape or near rape.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.50