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Men In Motion

When Brodie Duncan takes a cruise with his girlfriend Melanie he doesn't expect to get dumped. And he certainly doesn't expect to meet Julian Richards and fall in love. Brodie has always been attracted to men but has never acted upon it. But when he meets Julian its lust at first sight.
Julian Richards is on the cruise with his bitchy girlfriend and for the first time feels lust for a man. But seeing Brodie he can't resist him and they fall in love for the first time.
Both are afraid of coming out though.
Will that fear keep them apart or will Julian’s girlfriend reveal their secret and wreck their love?
I liked Cruising very much and the loves scenes were hot hot hot!! I would recommend this one to my friends and I will read it again.

Book Blurb for Cruising

Brodie Duncan expected to be taking a week-long Alaskan cruise with his girlfriend. But when she ended their relationship just moments before boarding, he ended up on the ship alone. Determined to make the best of a bad situation, Brodie considers a no-strings-attached fling. What he didn\'t bargain for was a man as appealing as Julian Richards.

Trapped in his own bad relationship with a selfish woman he was starting to resent, the charismatic Julian is shocked by his reaction to tall, dark, and handsome Brodie. Instantly attracted to each other, the men create enough heat on their trip to the Inside Passage to melt the Glaciers in the bay.

In the end, on a vacation full of surprises, Julian and Brodie discover that not only do they have strong feelings for one another, by Cruising they just might have found their soul mates.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.75