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Book 1, Crossroads Trilogy series

Frank McGuire is asked by the police department to help with a series of murders. It’s not really what he’s looking to do, but he reluctantly agrees to help. When his dead partner's wife asks him to help find her son Frank also agrees to find Rand. What he doesn't expect is for the two cases to merge into one case.
When Frank finds Rand working in a billiard hall he follows him to his apartment and gives in to his long suppresses desire for Rand Brennan. When Rand discovers that the mysterious man has taken the box his boss asked him to keep for him he finds that it places him in a dangerous position. Rand confronts Frank about the box and the night before. He soon finds out what the situation is and how much of a mess he is in.
Will Frank be able to save Rand and keep him for himself or will Rand end up the next victim of the serial killer
Crossroads is an entertaining suspense with BDSM elements, including handcuffs. The story line of the serial killer was good but it could have been fleshed out just a bit more. Crossroads is an entertaining read for someone who likes lots of kink with loads of hot and spicy. I recommend this book to BDSM fans.

Book Blurb for Crossroads

Private investigator and ex-cop Frank McGuire is on a quest to find his dead partner's missing son. Rand Brennan has an identity issue, exacerbated since the death of his father. Hoping to find himself, Rand drops out of college, takes to the streets, and doesn't realize he's embroiled in duplicity and murder. In order to save Rand, Frank must confront the nefarious killers, and confront his long-suppressed feelings for Rand.

Elements: Scenes of intense sexual activity. 

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 3.50