Creation's Control

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Creation's Control

Futuristic/ Gay/ Bondage

Ryen freed from the labs that trained and tortured him is having trouble adjusting to the outside world. His emotions are out of control and he is a danger to all around him until Drekk takes him in hand. The goal is to teach him to control himself around others and to give in to his submissive side. Ryen is at first violently reluctant to give in to Drekk.
Drekk is a lot older than Ryen and has been thru this training also. He is attracted to Ryen also sexually and decides to take Ryen in hand quite literally in hand. Drekk himself is having trouble controlling himself for reasons he's not sure of until he meets an Ebrellion who turns out to be of his blood line and he is informed of their customs.
Will Drekk give in and make Ryen his mate or will he let him go and suffer for years to come?
Creation's Control was a good book and the story was original. If you are looking for something that is sensual, sexy and has BDSM elements add this one to your pile. For me some elements were bit too much, but others with a liking for BDSM will enjoy the creativity that Marie Harte has instilled in this book.

Book Blurb for Creation's Control

It's all about control...

Now freed from the labs where he was created, tested and tortured, Ryen can't cope with the violent needs pressing him. The men on planet Mardu can't fight worth a damn and he can't chance sex with the females because he doesn't want to hurt anyone. Then there's Drekk, always bugging him, pushing him, attracting him...?

Drekk knows what it's like to have the needs only a Creation can experience. He's learned to blend in with the populace and balance a Creation's desire to submit with his own powerful personality. He'll teach Ryen the same, but it won't be easy. With the help of some 'tough love', he's sure he can show Ryen a measure of peace. In the process, he'll find himself both the master and the slave when he submits to the connection growing between them and falls in love.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 3.75