Cowboy Rubies

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Cowboy Rubies

When the treaty between the Moon Wolves and the Life Drinkers is threatened by the theft of the legendary Moon Rubies, Life Drinker Kyle Vanderbelt is sent to find the thief and the Rubies. He needs to return them before the Ruby Moon. At the beginning of the hunt he finds wounded Shades Hallowvale a Moon Wolf and stops to tend him.

When it seems that the hunt also involves Moon Wolves Kyle is forced to take Shades with him on the hunt, because Kyles former partner is also Shades former lover and may know more about the theft then he thought. The attraction between the two men is instant but Kyle knows that he can't act upon it because of the missing rubies.

When a legend of the rubies comes to light things may go deeper than either man thought before. Can Kyle and Shades find the rubies before war breaks out or will they fail and both peoples suffer from it?

Cowboy rubies isn't really the title I would have chosen for this book but the storyline is a unique steampunk one and really interesting because of it. I liked the storyline a lot and on that alone I'd recommend it to others to read. The heat between the two men starts out little one-sided and shaky but it gains fire and sensuality to the nth degree. It added to the storyline very much so after it smoothed out. I will recommend this book to those who like a unique steampunk storylines.

Book Blurb for Cowboy Rubies

After years of fighting, a tenuous treaty has been established between the Moon Wolves and the Life Drinkers. Kyle Vanderbelt's job is to keep the peace-a job that gets much more difficult when Kyle's fellow agent and former lover is accused of stealing the ancient Moon Rubies that are said to sustain the balance of power between the two peoples. Kyle sets out to find the thief but is sidetracked by a brutal enemy... and a newfound ally. Shades Hallowvale, a Moon Wolf, is mostly dead from a Life Drinker's attack when Kyle finds him, but nursing him back to health is a career move Kyle can't walk away from because Shades has information on the rubies, the theft, and an insidious plot deeper than one man's greed. Shades soon becomes more to Kyle than a means to an end, but even as the two men track down the thief, Kyle fears their tenuous connection may not survive and the rubies really will destroy everything they love.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 3.50