Corporate Passion

MMF M‚nage/ Gay/ Suspense

When Shane Brassil finally gets his longtime lover Damon Johnson to come work for him he sets in motion his plans for the future. He hires Damon as his Vice President.

Rachel Ellerby is Shane’s sexy and sweet personal assistant. Shane also wants to have her be part of his family. Damon and himself have been together a long time and they've talked about bringing Rachel into their family and now the plans are set. But a tragic event happens that threats their idea of starting a life together. Rachel is attacked and then stalked by a crazy man.

Can Shane and Damon keep Rachel safe? Will the police catch the crazy man in time?

Corporate Passions is a fast paced and action packed book all the way till the end. The love scenes are Hot, Hot, Hot! The sex is inventive. Carol Lynne will tempt you with her wonderful plots and scintillating ménage scenes. This is one not to be missed.


Book Blurb for Corporate Passion

For Brassil Industries President, Shane Brassil, life is finally looking up. After years of begging his long-time lover, Damon Johnson, to return from London to take over the job of company Vice-President, he's finally gotten his wish. Now Shane's sights are set on the next leg of his plan. The sweet but sexy Rachel Ellerby has tempted him since the day he hired her as his executive secretary.

Now that Shane has everyone in the same place, it's time to start the family he's always longed for. He already knows Damon is interested, they've talked about bringing Rachel into their relationship for months. Rachel is definitely interested in him, the sparks between the two of them are too intense to misread, but how will she feel about Damon?

When a near-tragedy threatens to disrupt his plans, Shane will stop at nothing to keep the two people he cares about safe. Will it be enough? Or will outside forces tear the threesome apart?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of M/M and M/M/F sexual relations.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 4.25