Connor's Lair

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You would think that a shapeshifter would know another shapeshifter by his scent but in this story that's not the case since Connor didn't know that the wolf he saves out in the woods isn't a plain wolf but instead is a shapeshifter until quite a bit into the book. It was a little surreal when suddenly there was a man who used to be a wolf but also didn't know who he was. The story would have been better if there had been an explanation of why Connor didn't know Silver wasn't a real wolf. I did like the other parts of the storyline though, so I'll recommend it because of that.

Connor finds the wounded wolf outside his cabin and he takes him in thinking he just might have a companion now to keep him company as he paints. He names him SIlver. As SIlver heals things start to happen around Connor's father's territory. A new feral pack of werewolves appears and starts causing trouble, and that's when Silver shifts back into human form but Connor has his suspicions that Silver might be from the feral pack and was cast out. Silver, though, is helping Connor and his pack to defeat the feral pack before the humans find out there are werewolves in the world. Can Connor and Silver solve his mystery before all hell breaks loose or will that mystery bring disaster for Connor and his family?

Book Blurb for Connor's Lair

Connor built his cabin to be alone, to escape, and to live with the memories of his lost love. After he finds a wounded wolf in the forest he nurses him back to health and falls in love with the animal. He decides to keep the wolf as his companion and calls him Silver. Little does he know what else Silver will bring into his life and how everything will change in the months following the rescue.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 3.50