Conflict of Interest

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Conflict of Interest

When Alex Hitchner joined the volunteer outreach program he didn't expect to be attracted to Jamie David the boy that is his first contact there. Jamie was a rough and highly aggressive boy and highly sexual, which made Alex uncomfortable because he doesn't want to take advantage of Jamie even though Jamie is making advances toward Alex from the get go.

Jamie David is in the outreach program because Father Nate is trying to get him away from the Club scene and away from the drugs that are going around, Father Nate sees Alex as the one who can save Jamie. But can Alex get past his conscience to his love for Jamie or will he push Jamie away forever?

I did enjoy Conflict of Interest although Jamie was a bit of a twit now and then*LOL* and Alex a bit straight laced.

Book Blurb for Conflict of Interest

Alex is volunteering for the summer with an outreach program, taking the summer off from studying music at a local community college. When Father Nate calls him and asks him to work with Jamie as a big brother, Alex envisions a little kid and maybe some hero worship. He's not expecting the beautiful young man only two years younger than he is.

Jamie's hot. Very hot, and even if he is eighteen, Alex feels guilty lusting after the kid. But Alex is sending some very mixed signals, and Jamie is getting pretty frustrated with the waiting. Will it take a catastrophe to make these two see that they might be right for each other?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.50