Chew Toy

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Chew Toy

CIA Agent Jack wonders what happened to the good old days when instead of being shot for being a spy he's thrown into a cage with a tiger. He also thinks he's crazy when that same tiger changes shape and starts talking to him. There are no such things as shapeshifers? Right? Jack though comes to believe that there are shifters very fast and uses this to their advantage. Jack things fast on his feet and then uses his newfound knowledge to escape from the Russians.

Can Jack and the shapeshifting tiger escape before getting shot or will Pasha's Hunger win in the end?

Okay this one was funny as all get out. I enjoyed reading it a lot. I would love to see a longer version. I can easily see the story being expanded to include freedom with Jack and Pasha together in America. It would be one helluva read that’s for sure. Even with this just being a shot it was very memorable. Chew Toy is staying in my keeper file and I will most definitely recommend it to NOR readers and my friends.

Book Blurb for Chew Toy

CIA agent Jack thinks he's lost his mind when an old enemy throws him in a cage with a hungry tiger. He really thinks he's crazy when the tiger turns human on him and starts talking. There's no such thing as man-tigers, right? Still, Jack has to believe the evidence his eyes, and hands, provide him that Pasha is very much a man. Will they be able to escape Jack's enemies, or will Pasha's hunger win in the end?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 3.75