Chasing the Mailman

Stone Trail Series, #1

This first book in the Stone Trails Series is a good start to a story arch. Even though for most of the book you don't know if Jarreth is gay or straight the heat between him and Usher sets the sheets on fire. But adding in the horror of the werewolf stalking Usher and this one had me hooked from the get go. Finding out why the werewolf was there and the intent on causing harm made for a shock and a twist that has me recommending this book to others.


Stilling getting over his lost lover Usher is trying to make a go at his horse ranch. But when he looses one of his horses to a vicious wolf attack and then finds the foot prints of a wolf around his cabin he's more concerned than ever. When the local mailman needs Usher’s help during a snow storm Usher is there to help. He is unaware that he is placing Jarreth in danger as well. When Usher sees the werewolf behind his cabin he doesn't know what to make of it, the horror of finding out werewolves exist is a shock. Jarreth though believes him and helps Usher battle the werewolf’s wrath. Jarreth though has his own secrets. Will they tear open Usher's heart or will they tear the town apart?

Book Blurb for Chasing the Mailman

To ease the scars of his past, Usher Addison leads a quiet life on his horse farm, only going into town for supplies or a drink at the local bar. Then his horses start vanishing, he finds huge dog-like paw prints in the snow, and the law can’t help with either mystery. Luckily, the new mailman, Jarreth Malloray, is willing to lend a helping hand—both to solve the mystery and to heal Usher’s emotional pain. But Jarreth has a frightening secret that could shatter the community and alienate Usher forever. Can Usher still love him, or will Jarreth become another scar upon Usher’s heart?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00