Cattle Valley: Recipe for Love

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Cattle Valley: Recipe for Love

Book fifteen in the Cattle Valley Series

Playboy Erico has been warned off hooking up with Jay. But the proud and afraid Erico has plans. He doesn’t tell his friend's that he is ill but tries to manage and run his restaurant, The Canoe, by himself. But when he collapses after a heated bout of sex with Jay everyone knows about them as well as Erico's health problems.

Jay having lived in fear now has a safe place to live in Cattle Valley, although he has made friends he hasn't found the one he wants to be with. That is until Erico finally admits to his attraction to Jay.

Can Erico live down his Playboy image and find love with Jay or will his past sabotage their future together?

Recipe for Love is an another chapter in the Cattle Valley series and well worth reading. This title has a well thought out storyline as well as humor. The emotion conveyed, Erico’s the health issues, and Jays abused past all added to the wonderful mix. The love scenes between the two men were intense, heated and very passionate.  I enjoyed the whole story and would recommend it as a very good read.  Even thought this is part of a series it is well worth reading as a stand alone as well as part of the overall series.

Book Blurb for Cattle Valley: Recipe for Love

Contemporary/ Gay
After years of living in fear, Jay De Luca has finally found a safe haven in Cattle Valley. Although he's beginning to open up around his friends, he's far from ready to get involved in another relationship. When handsome, Erico Morrelli tries to hire him away from a job he loves, Jay declines the restaurateur's offer, afraid of spending time with the town's playboy.
Ashamed to tell his friends he's sick, Erico tries to run The Canoe on his own despite protests from his physician. When he collapses at work, Erico begins to re-evaluate his future. His attraction to the one man he knows he should stay away from haunts him.
Can Erico invent a Recipe for Love or will he face his toughest challenge alone?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.75