Cattle Valley: Gone Surfin'

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Cattle Valley: Gone Surfin'

Book nine in the Cattle Valley Series - Gay/ Contemporary

Mayor Quade Maddison can't forget his vacation to Hawaii and surfer Kai Hachiya the man he's fallen in love with. When Kai shows up in Cattle Valley to be with Quade he's happier then he's been in a long time. Quade and Kai know that they are meant to be but when Kai is called back to Hawaii to work with a new trainer Quade lets him go knowing Surfing is Kai's life.
Kai is thrilled to work with trainer Van but his mind isn't on his training until Quade shows up in Hawaii to spend his vacation with Kai again. Though when Quade gets a call from his mother that his father is in the hospital, Quade travels to Charleston to see his parents. But after he finds out that his father wants him to stay and take over the family business the encounter shows Quade that Life without Love is unbearable.
Will Quade return to Hawaii and Kai or will he let love pass him by?
Like the other Cattle Valley stories this one was well worth picking up and reading. It was very enjoyable and a definite recommend read to NOR readers and to friends. The Love scenes between Quade and Kai were very sensual and sexy and made for a good and fun read.

Book Blurb for Cattle Valley: Gone Surfin'

Book nine in the Cattle Valley Series

Since the age of six, Kai Hachiya's entire life has been centred on surfing. Now, at the age of twenty-six, he's begun to drop in the rankings. Memories of a small-town mayor have him completely off pace, and only one thing can fix it, finding that man.

Winters in Cattle Valley are torture for Mayor Quade Maddison. Standing around singing Christmas Carols with friends only serves to remind him how completely alone he really is. The only thing that gets him through the cold, lonely months is his annual vacation to Hawaii.

When a gorgeous professional surfer washes up at the grand opening of the Tall Pines Lodge, Quade knows his Christmas prayer has been answered.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.00