Cats Cradle

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Cats Cradle

Cat O Nines - Book 3

When alley cats Samaelle and David of Catkind wonder into Tony's bat Gatos, he knows what they are. Tony's sisters Gabriella and Marnie were carried off by Catkind. It was for their own protection from evil humans. Samaelle and David offer to help Tony run Gatos and he agrees, Both Catkind are attracted to Tony and Let Tony know they are his for the taking. Whats a guy to do with two sexy cats? Why keep them close of course.

I liked reading this book though I wish it was longer.

Book Blurb for Cats Cradle

While the cat's away.

Tony likes to think of himself as a good guy. Nothing special, but a decent enough man. He has his kinks and he likes it kinda rough, but outside of the bedroom he treats his women with respect and makes a good buddy to his friends. And his life, as a result, is in serious need of some sizzle.

He's about to get lucky.

With his sisters Gabriella and Marnie carried off by the Catkind to protect them against hostile humans, Tony's left to run their bar, Gatos. He won't be alone, though -- a couple of misfit "alley cat" Catkind named Samaelle and David have joined forces with him and won't be parted from his side. Or stop coming on to him, either of them.

So what's a good guy gonna do when he's saddled with two stubborn sexy Cats? For one thing, learn how to play when the bigger cats are away.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.00