Catch a Falling Star

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Catch a Falling Star

Torrid Tarot

When Lea a scout for her home world is shot down in unknown space she expects to die in space, but to her astonishment she finds a planet not on any of her charts. She is able to crash land on the unknown planet and is pulled from her ship by Deon a soldier of this new world. He takes her to his King and lover Thane for him to heal.
Thane sees Lea as the fulfillment of the prophecy to save his world.
When a falling star lands, Pamaar the Queen will save the people and their world.
Lea wants to return home to help her people and has to make a choice between Thane and Deon and leaving their world and never seeing them again. Can she make that choice?
To Catch a Falling Star was a good read and I enjoyed it a lot. The plotline reminded me a little of an older sci-fi romance I read back in the early 90's and I enjoyed that one as well.

Book Blurb for Catch a Falling Star

Lea crash-lands her shot-up scout ship on Pamaar — a planet that shouldn't be there. She finds an exotic world with no technology, ruled by a gorgeous man with white-blond hair, dark eyes and a beautiful tattoo of a lion across his back.
Thane is fascinated by the lady who fell from the sky, sure she's part of the prophecy that will restore his power and heal his people. His lover, the warrior Deon, is more cautious, but he likewise feels a sexual pull to Lea and her unusual green eyes.
Lea finds herself quickly drawn to two men who are very much in love with each other, surprised when they assume she'll form a threesome with them. She faces a difficult choice — if she finds out what's wrong with the protective shield around Pamaar and restores it, she'll be stranded there forever. But if she escapes, she'll leave Thane and Deon, the two men she's coming to love, to certain death.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.50