Capital Games

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Capital Games

Ad executives and rivals Brit Mark Richfield and Ex LAPD Steve Miller are competing for the same account when their Boss Harold Parsons sends them on a team building retreat. Getting lost in the desert together results in a sexual encounter, both are stunned by the attraction and encounter.

When they return to the office Steve is given the account but after another encounter with Mark. Steve asks Roland to ask Mark to be his partner on it so he can spend more time with Mark. Steve finds out that Mark is engaged to be married and tries to persuade him to call it off and move in with him. Mark isn't ready to admit that he's gay and out of a since of duty still plans on marrying Sharon, his fianc‚e.

After many encounters with Mark, who is still refusing to call of the wedding Steve tells him to leave him alone, leaving both of them miserable. The day of the wedding Steve appears at the church and Mark leaves with him admitting to everyone they are a couple.

I enjoyed reading this one it had a lot of humor init. The sexual encounters between the two men were enjoyable and playful.

Book Blurb for Capital Games

When their boss sends them to the desert for a team-building retreat the passion between former LA police officer Jack and about to be married Mark leads them to a sexual experience neither can forget.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 3.00