Caging The Tiger

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Caging The Tiger

All his life Kyle has thought himself a freak being able to shapeshift into a tiger. He is all alone with no one for companionship. That is until he goes to a magic show and the magician locked in a cage comes out a tiger. Meric the Magician has been Kyles penpal for the last few years but Kyle didn't know that Meric was a shifer like himself until that night.

Has Kyle found his bestfriend and soulmate? Can the two men find the

happiness they both deserve?

Caging the Tiger was a pretty good short story, but a little disjointed….but still worth reading. Finding your soulmate and finding him to be like yourself was a wonderful plotline.  I like shapeshifer love stories a lot and this one was a good read and worth telling my about. It’s sexy!


Book Blurb for Caging The Tiger

# of pages or word count: 21 pages

Genre: Paranormal shapeshifter M/M erotic romance

Heat rating: 3 Novas

Kyle thought that he was all alone, the only of his kind, until he attended a magic show and saw through the spectacle to the method behind the illusion. If he wasn’t wrong, Meric the Magician, in addition to being his best friend, was also a tiger shifter.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 3.25