Bull Rider

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Bull Rider

Radio DJ Wesley Scott is on his first out of country assignment in Canada. He goes out with his co-workers who decide to throw a welcome to Canada party for him.  What he finds at the bar is a bull of a man named Bull who is as attracted to him as he is to Issac "Bull" Fintan. Issac is a rancher who raises Bulls for the rodeo ring. Wes is attracted to Bull's bold ways and his scrolling tats that he goes with him for a party of two.

Can Bull convince Wes that he's the one or will Wes end it with a one-night stand?

Bullrider was a pretty good story and well worth reading. The chemistry between Bull and Wes was steamy and carnal and hot as heck. This made the love scenes well frankly a sensual treat to read. This one is definitely a keeper and a recommend read.

Book Blurb for Bull Rider

Contemporary/ Gay/ Cowboys

Wanna ride the Bull? — Wes Scott's life is turned inside out by the most enticing cowboy he's ever met. 
Radio DJ Wesley Scott is celebrating his new posting with a Welcome to Canada party thrown by his co-workers, but he can't keep his eyes off the mechanical bull in the corner or the tall, dark and burly cowboy beside it. Isaac "Bull" Fintan - former bull rider and current rancher - captures Wes' attention with his scrolling tattoos, swaggering walk and smoky drawl, but it's the invitation to a private party-for-two that has him panting for more.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 3.50