Breaking Point

Zephyr Ranch 4

Breaking Point is another chapter in the Zephyr Ranch books. It was a little rough reading for me because it heavily pulls on the “oh woes is me” character types. That’s what Billy was, he didn't want to commit to anything because he didn't think he was worth much to anyone. Whereas Cameron kind of reminded me of a little Mary sunshine. I liked the story line but the characters got little annoying. The tragedy and the betrayal in the story, added to the surreal storyline. I didn't really see the heat or intensity between Billy or Cameron either. They had sex when it was expected and that was about it.


When Billy wanders into a yoga class run by beautiful Cameron he’s not sure he wants to stay. But when they meet again at a bar Billy and Cameron have intense sex and blow the electricity. When a man appears telling them his name is RC and he wants to help them they are invited to explore their new found abilities at the Zephyr Ranch. Things start happening at the Ranch and it looks like Billy might be a spy. Can Cameron trust Billy enough for them to be together or will the attacks on the ranch drive them apart?

Book Blurb for Breaking Point

Series: Zephyr Ranch; Previous Book: Taking Sides

Bad boy Billy walks into Cameron's yoga class and changes everything. Their one-night stand lets Cameron experience a side of himself he never gets to show, and Billy thinks the sweet, open-minded yoga teacher is the perfect man to drag him out of his funk. But it feels perfect for a reason: they're counterparts, and their hookup makes them part of the supernatural world--where there's a war on.

Cyril Soldati's attempts to take over the supernatural world are getting harder for anyone to ignore, least of all Billy and Cameron. Cyril's henchman chases them to Zephyr Ranch, but even there, trouble won't leave them alone. Someone is trying to break down the ranch's defenses, and Billy is named as a suspect. Cameron gets caught in the middle; as little as he wants to believe Billy is a spy, he has to wonder if Billy's devil-may-care persona hides something darker. After all, Cameron has secrets of his own.

As safety gets harder to come by, Cameron and Billy's love must overcome their doubts. But even that may not be enough to save everyone, not when Cyril comes knocking.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 2.50