Braxton's Salvation

Wayne County Wolves, #3

Braxton's Salvation was a fairly good read. It is a good addition to the Wayne County Wolves series and added to the Lost shifters series as well. This is the third in the Wayne County Wolves series. I liked the interaction between Braxton and Wright. There is a lot of sexual tension, which made for a good read. I recommend this book, but encourage readers to check out the other titles first.

After their brief encounter in the bar Wright can't get Braxton out of his mind and would like to see him again. But when Wright does run into Braxton it is to save him from a bunch of Raven's. Wright thinks he gets to keep Braxton, but when Wright's brother becomes ill Braxton calls in the Coalition for medical assistance.

Braxton hopes that the one night deal with Wright will become permanent for them because he knows that Wright is his mate and doesn't want to loose him. Will Wright acknowledge Braxton as his mate or will he cause Braxton to run and loose him forever?

Book Blurb for Braxton's Salvation

Ever since he spotted the cute, yet vulnerable, Wolf shifter named Braxton, Wright has been determined to claim the younger man. The only problem is that Braxton thinks Wright was a one-time hookup, he belongs to a very protective pack, is fine with being single and oh… there is the fact that Wright is being hunted down by the human military.

Wright isn’t about to let that stand in his way, though. Braxton is his and Wright will have his mate. Even if he has to walk through glass, fire, and brimstone to get him. The only question is, once he gets there, will Braxton want him back?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 3.50