Boy Toys

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Boy Toys

Jason is persuaded to attend a boy’s toys party. He is reluctant to go since his boyfriend has recently dumped him. He does shows up but is embarrassed by being the only single guy there, until Nigel the Boys Toys salesman asks him to be his helper. Jason is so attracted to Nigel that he agrees to help out.
Will anything come of the night or will Jason again be alone?
I enjoy Boy Toys. It was funny and sexy when Nigel and Jason finally get together. I would recommend this book to friends.

Book Blurb for Boy Toys

Recently dumped Jason is invited to a party, a sex toy party.  But he doesn't want to go without a partner and be the odd man out or get stuck with a date he can't stand; that is until Jason is asked to help Nigel, the demonstrator at the gathering.  Now things are looking up for the holiday season.

***Editor's Note: Previously released in Babes In Toyland.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 3.25