Blind Faith

When Aiden is blinded in a car accident he retreats into himself. But when Zane Wilde enters his life again Aiden doesn't think Zane would want a blind man for a partner.
Zane Wilde is a man with gypsy blood and full of wanderlust. Zane is very shocked to find his lover Aiden is now blind. It shocks him into taking a look at his life. He  had almost lost Aiden . He steps in to take care of the man he loves. Aiden is unsure of Zane because of his wondering past. What if Zane gets restless and leaves? Because of these questions he can’t think of the future.
Will Zane stay with Aiden to take care of and love him or will his wanderlust again call his name taking him away from Aidens life again?
Claire Thompson’s, Blind Faith was a wonderful book and I would read it again. The emotional depth in Blind Faith is one of the things that makes it an engrossing read. The tenderness between Zane and Aiden was touching and soothing to read.

Book Blurb for Blind Faith

Blinded in a car accident, Aidan retreats into a world of quiet determination.

Enter Zane Wilde. Refusing to let Aidan withdraw into the darkness, Zane won't take no for an answer. With sexual mastery Zane pulls Aidan into the light of touch and sensation, taking the blinded man to new heights of sensual experience and learning for himself what it is to give over, to surrender in the dark.

But as scorching as their intensity burns, Zane's wild gypsy blood is simmering, his wandering nature coming to the fore. To stay or go, that is the question.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.75