Beyond Friends

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Beyond Friends

Jack and Rain have been friends for a long time. One night they have a passionate encounter. Neither knows what to do the next day, so they pretended that it didn't happen. But Rain has always been in love with Jack and doesn't know what to do after their night together. Can Rain tell Jack what he feels for him? Or will he fall into his own torment?

Beyond Friends didn't flow as smooth as it could have. Overall it just wasn't a title that I really enjoyed. Others might find it a good read; it just didn't click for me.

Book Blurb for Beyond Friends

Long time friends and one time lovers, Jack and Rain, are now at a crisis in their relationship.

Polar opposites, each harbours romantic feelings for the other, but is afraid to own up to them.

When a tragic event happens in Rain’s life, he looks to Jack to help him pick up the pieces, realizing there has only ever been one man in his life that he has truly loved—Jack.

But will Jack return his love? Can they ever be more than just friends?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.00