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I found Betrayed at and listened to it while I was driving.

Will Northland came to America to help save his brother Tristan's soulmate and he thought he would be going home to England soon. But when Raul the soulmate to the king of the wolf pack Tristan’s mate belongs to needs help in finding his twin brother who is missing, Will volunteers to go with him to help all he can.

When Will and Raul find Richard though he doesn't know who he is and Will sees that it is a spell that has taken his memory. Raul knows that it must have been Richards Witch wife who has placed the spell there.  Will and Richard find though that their own bond as mates helps Richard regain his memory.  Now though Richard decides that he must go home and deal with the mess he has created by marrying the witch.

When Will arrives with Raul to save Richard again they find that things are worse then they had been. Can Raul and Will save Richard from the witch or will she win and destroy the pack?

Betrayed was a good story and I did enjoy listening to it. I did have trouble with the back and forth of Richard and the witch even though it was part of the storyline.

The attraction between Richard and Will was pretty sensual and well worth reading. The happily ever after was just ok. It could have used more action in the taking down of the witch. Overall thought, it was a good and enjoyable read that I recommend. It was entertaining.

Book Blurb for Betrayed

Will Northland's brother, Tristan, went to America to break a centuriesold curse and found love in the most unexpected of places: within the heart of a werewolf. When Will goes to visit, he meets not only Tristan's mate, Benjamin, but their friend Raul, who receives a plea for help from his old werepack: his twin brother, Richard, has gone missing and is possibly under the influence of a witch.

Raul leaves to find his brother, and Will goes with him, offering to use his magic to both locate Richard and protect them all from the threat of dark magic. But when they find him, a totally unexpected passion explodes between Richard and Will, stunning them both. Suddenly, discovering who betrayed Raul and Richard isn't the only challenge. It's now a struggle to solve the mystery so Will can claim Richard's heart just as the wolf has claimed Will as his mate.

Connected to “Cursed”, the story of Will Northland's twin brother, Tristan, and his struggle to free Benjamin Sterling from a centuriesold curse.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 3.50