Belling the Cat

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Belling the Cat

Nobody is as good at cat burglary then a cat shapeshifter, but when Luc tries to steal from Jonny the vampire who owns Bloodrose he bites off more then he can safely chew. Luc must retrieve the file that Jonny has on his client or he will be killed. But when Jonny catches Luc in the act he can't let things go and Jonny makes a bet with Luc over the file.

Things start off steamy for the two but quickly go south when Luc's last client decides to take Luc out of the picture and isn't picky as to who goes with him.

Jonny decides that Luc is his and doesn't like anyone threatening him so with the help of friends like Deke and Kasey he goes after the mystery man.

Belling the Cat was a very good read. I enjoyed it a lot. The humor between Jonny and Luc was entertaining to say the least. The love scenes well lets say that they were hot and steamy making my reader screen steam up.

The only trouble I had was there was no back ground on either Luc or Jonny. I would have liked to have known them a little better as it would have made for a deeper story then what it was. As it was it was just a little shallow but it was a good read and worth keeping and recommending to those who like vampire and shapeshifter stories.

Book Blurb for Belling the Cat

85 pages / 26250 words
Gay Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Vampire Jonny runs Bloodrose, a club that pairs up supernatural creatures for the optimum sexual experience. Too bad he can't find anyone he wants to start a relationship with, even with all of the amazing creatures coming through his doors. Then cat burglar Luc shows up, intent on stealing something he needs very badly, and Jonny knows his luck has changed.
Their relationship isn't going to be easy, especially not with the men who'd just as soon see Luc dead, and aren't afraid to take Jonny down, too. Can Jonny, with the help of his friends Deke and Kasey, help Luc survive to become Jonny's number one thing? Featuring characters from An Itch to Scratch and The Werewolf Code.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 3.25