Barely Covered

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Barely Covered

Detective Frank Kazaminsky is at club Mortitz and is waiting on his date. He receives a phone call and is dumped on the spot. What is a man to do? Luckily while at the club he spots someone very tempting. One of the strippers catches his eye.

While stripping at the club Damien catches the eye of two hot looking admirers. Kaz is one of the guys. Kaz notices the other man and decides to follow him when Damien finishes his act.  Kaz is just in time to rescue Damien from being assaulted by the man and runs him off. He then takes Damien and calms him down and comforts him. The attraction though blows hot and intense for the two men and Kaz ends up staying the night.

When Kaz gets a call the next morning to a homicide he is upset to find that it is the man who assaulted Damien the night before. Kaz has to tell Damien and prove that he is innocent of the killing and also prove that Damien's old friend Eric wasn't the killer either.

Will Kaz be able to clear both men and find the real killer or will the killer get away with it?

Barely Covered was a good story and well written. It has some great elements…wonderful story, hot love scenes and a mystery that drove the story to a great finaly.

Book Blurb for Barely Covered

Barely Covered is the prequel to Barely Undercover.
Kaz does not want to stand around alone in a gay strip club…that is, until the next act comes onstage. Damien is the hottest guy Kaz has ever laid eyes on and he watches, completely mesmerized, as Damien strips down to a scanty G-string.
Unfortunately Kaz isn’t the only one who lusts after Damien’s luscious body. Another man wants Damien, whether Damien is willing or not, and Kaz must come to the rescue. Damien finds in Kaz the first person who’s ever protected him…and Damien has needed protecting in the past, desperately. The attraction between them is mutual and flares into lustful, delicious passion.
When Damien’s attacker turns up dead, Kaz must find the killer quickly. Otherwise Damien will go from being the love of Kaz’s life to the top of his list of suspects.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 3.75