Banner's Bonus

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Banner's Bonus

Futuristic romance

When Tressa Loring's Life is threatened her father Jonathan Loring calls on a long time friend and employee Nick Banner to take Tressa off planet to keep her safe. Neither Nick nor Jonathan have any idea that it was a ploy to get Tressa to marry her rescuer. Nick battling memories from the past and a real enemy also from the past puts Tressa's life in further danger.

Tressa has had a crush on Nick for years and being in close proximity with him she falls in love. Nick though hurt from past betrayal is fighting his attraction to her. Will Nick be able to save Tressa from his past enemy and love her in return or will the past consume him and destroy Tressa?

I liked this book from start to finish Nick was arrogant and humorous in his own sexy way and Tressa though a bit naive was just what he needed. I had the privilege to have read the original printing of this book from 1995 before I read this reprinting of Banner's Bonus and I enjoyed it then as I enjoyed it now.

Book Blurb for Banner's Bonus

Innocence Meets Hedonism

Emotionally scarred and embittered, Nick Banner knows he's the wrong man for this job, but unless he gets a desperate friend's daughter off-planet, she's certain to be kidnapped. While it seemed simple enough, experience taught him a female onboard meant trouble.

Within the tight confines of Banner's Victorious, Tressa Loring battles a girlhood crush gone dangerous. As a sheltered teen, she secretly worshipped Banner from afar. Even his carnal reputation seemed romantic.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00