Away Team

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Away Team

Starship Cadet Missions # 1

Ely Nguyen is fresh out of the Academy on his first ship and is very lonely. He is working in the Engineering department most of his time. He meets up with Emerson Sonfield in a corridor and the attraction is hot and instant. A misunderstanding though tears the two men apart before anything can come of it.

Onboard friends work to bring the two men back together. When Ely and Emerson are assigned to an away team they find that the danger and excitement bring them closer and closer.

But will this be there last assignment?

Away Team was a fairly good read. I did enjoy it and will gladly recommend it to those who like redemption stories mixed with Sci Fi elements. The love scenes add to the tension and the storyline in a good way.

Book Blurb for Away Team

Ely Nguyen is a cadet fresh out of the Academy and wide-eyed with enthusiasm. But he’s also alone. Sure, his work as a trainee engineer takes up most of his time, but what about when he’s on R & R? He hasn’t had a boyfriend since he left Mars some three months back. No one to even buy a drink for in one of the many clubs and pubs scattered about the starship Mandrake he’s been assigned to.

Sure, he’s got friends, but a man needs more than friends, especially after a long rotation of work.

Then, a chance encounter on a lower deck corridor sees to it that cadet scientist Emerson Sonfield catches Ely’s attention and he asks the man out for a drink. Will this be the start of something wonderful? Will duty get in the way of their fledgling relationship? Or will Ely ruin the chance of being with Emerson of his own accord, putting his foot firmly into his mouth before they even get to know one another? 

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.50