Wolfman, #1

Years after the world ended as we know it there are pockets of humanity still hanging onto what they can of life. Most of the women and children were killed by what came to be known as the Werewolf virus. It mutated most men into what is termed a werewolf. Some of the men were immune to the virus. Daniel is one of the immune ones. He lives in a compound with a few dozen women and a few other immune men. When Daniel is captured scavenging in the city he learns that there is a difference between beasts and the "Pack" or Wolfmen.

When he's given the choice of helping the Pack or being killed, Daniel takes the choice of life. He finds the leader of the Pack a very attractive Wolfman named Mace. Mace decides to take Daniel as his mate to keep him as safe as he can.

Apocalypse is the first in a series and I enjoyed the apocalypse storyline. The violence done to Daniel was a bit of a turnoff, but the hot sex notched things up on the enjoyment meter.

I'll read the next one to see where it takes me.

Book Blurb for Apocalypse

Life as we knew it pretty much ended with the lightning fast spread of the plague. The media called it Werewolf Syndrome. Women got sick, many died. They were the lucky ones. Men got sick, too, but those who didn't die... changed. A few immune men, like myself, joined the bands of refugees, scrounging for survival in the post-apocalyptic devastation.

I lived in a fortified compound with a couple dozen women, a bunch of kids and two asshole straight guys. Sounds like a man's wet dream -- unless you happen to be the last gay man standing. At the time, risking my life scavenging in the city sounded like a fucking vacation.

I went out hunting supplies and found something else. Not a quick death, or even a slow, painful one at the hands of the beasts -- no such luck. Instead I find myself captive to the largest, most well organized gang of beast men ever. Their leader, Mace, wants more than just a generator -- he wants my body. Oddly, a certain part of me likes that idea. The other part -- the part with working survival instincts -- insists I get the hell out of Dodge before my smart mouth gets the shit kicked out of me. Again. Tradeoffs...

This is part of a series. It's recommended that these titles be read in order. - Novella

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.75