An Improbable Wolf

Book one in the Desert Sanctuary Series

An Improbable Wolf was a really enjoyable read. I had a good time reading it. Jace and Deacon's attraction from the start and the following intense courtship along with the rogue wolf chasing Deacon through Las Vegas made for a harrowing adventure. The side story of the made wolves just made the whole thing worth reading and recommending to those who like suspense adventure and a good love story all in one. Well done Lavinia Lewis. I hope to catch the next one in the series.

When Jace Bryson is sent to Las Vegas to investigate a rogue werewolf attack he finds the witness, Deacon, is actually the survivor of the attack. Deacon was human and is now a werewolf. Jace finds that Deacon is also his mate. Jace must find the rogue killer before he starts a war against shifters. Jace knows that if war starts shifters will soon be extinct. When a human is killed though Jace and Deacon know they must stop the rogue and fast. The second victim is a friend of Deacon's who works at the same casino. Jace figures out the attack was anything but random and he must find the rogue before Deacon is again attacked. Can he keep Deacon safe as well as find the killer or will the rogue prove to be more dangerous?

Book Blurb for An Improbable Wolf

Can werewolf Jace Bryson find and capture the wolf that attacked his mate before he finds Deacon and finishes the job?

When wolf Jace Bryson—leader of the special ops task force in the Sanctuary—hears there has been another wolf attack in Las Vegas, he quickly assembles two teams to investigate. Upon arrival he discovers that wolf Deacon Fairchild, the victim of the latest attack, is his mate. Even more surprising is the fact that Deacon used to be human...

Humans afraid of catching ‘the wolf virus’ have hunted shifters almost to the brink of extinction, but they have been mistaken. Werewolves are not made—they are only born…until Deacon.

When a human is murdered, Jace must find the wolf responsible and stop him, before people become aware of the wolf’s ability and rage a war upon the shifters in the Sanctuary that could mean the end of the life they have become accustomed to.

Jace’s problems become exacerbated when he discovers the attack on his mate was anything but random. It was personal and the culprit is only getting started. Will Jace find the wolf responsible in time to save his mate’s life?"

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.50