Amethyst Rain

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Amethyst Rain

Contemporary gay, menage a trois

Katie being shipped out over seas is spending the weekend with friends and hoping for a last fling before leaving the country. Katie's Grandmother had given her an amethyst necklace for protection, during the weekend Katie discovers the necklace might have something more then protection added to its design.

When Mark and Jarrod show an interest in her, they never imagining an attraction to Katie when they are invited to the weekend party as well. Katie not sure if she wants entanglements before leaving but Mark and Jarrod convince her they want her for more than the weekend.

Katie knows the amethyst is more than a necklace to bring her the courage to return.

I did like this book and I hope there is a sequel for Katie's return. Amethyst Rain was a wonderful and enjoyable read.

Book Blurb for Amethyst Rain

Katie's grandmother gave her an enchanted amethyst necklace to protect her when her Army unit's called to war. But protection isn't all the amethyst has to offer. During her farewell weekend party, everyone's feeling the necklace's kinky, erotic effects.

Mark and Jarrod never imagined when they accepted an invite to an off-to-war bash they'd find a woman who would make them both rock hard and ready. But with her strange amethyst necklace flipping everyone's libido into overdrive and the sky raining amethyst, will they be able to convince her their attraction is more than magic?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.75