Aiden's Shepherd

Paws and Magic, #1

Aiden was raised in a family the he didn't seem to fit into until he turned 18. Then he “outed” himself to his family. On that night he meet his destined mate, he just didn't know it till the German Shepard turned into a man and claimed they were mates. Then things got hopping. Going on the journey with Aiden of discovery and love with Lex made for a very enjoyable read. I wished the story could have continued. :) I'll just have to wait for the next book to come out. I gladly recommend this book and author for the good read that it is.

Book Blurb for Aiden's Shepherd

A man who never knew magic and shifters existed gets a crash course when he saves an injured dog.

Aiden Grey is packed and ready to move and start a new phase of his life away from the family that kicked him out when he was eighteen. The night before he leaves he sees something fall out of the back of a van. Upon closer inspection, he is shocked to find that it’s not the bag he suspected, it’s a dog!

He decides to take the dog with him, and the two set off the next morning to Aiden’s new home. Everything is going well for Aiden and the German Shepherd he named Lex. That is, until said German Shepherd shifts into a man who claims Aiden is his mate.

Lex can’t believe he’s finally found his mate. But as happy as he is to have him, he still worries about his brother and pack, and where they have ended up.

With the revelation that shifters exist, secrets about Aiden’s past come to light. Secrets he didn’t even know existed. Suddenly, Aiden has to deal with not only the reality of shifters, but also ghosts and magic. But with Lex by his side he can handle anything—even his surprise guest.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.50