Adel's Purr

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Adel's Purr

Elements of Love, #1

Adel's Purr is set in a world struggling to survive a war that brought humanity to the brink of extinction. Stone mason Evan Hallvard is more than a stone mason. He can see and awaken gargoyles. He protects them from the church who has set out to destroy the past protectors of man.

When he rescues Adel a large gargoyle he finds in him a friend as well as a lover. But the church in the form of Father Michael covets Evan for his own.

Adel knows more about Evan then Evan himself. Adel knows he must protect Evan and that Evan is his mate. But between the evil that is stalking Evan and the world who has been taught to fear gargoyles who knows what might happen.

Can Evan and Adel save themselves or will they meet the evil head on?

Adel's Purr is a very well written futuristic romance with gargoyles and evil to win against. I liked it a lot and will recommend it for the story alone, but the added romance made it all the more worth reading. I couldn't put it down till the end of the story. I'm know look forward to the next installment.

Book Blurb for Adel's Purr

2nd Edition

Elements of Love: Book One

In a world recovering from a war that devastated humanity, Evan Halvard struggles to control a power he doesn't understand. Evan is a stone mason. He can give life to stone to create and awaken living gargoyles. When he receives a message that a large gargoyle is about to be demolished by the Church, Evan rushes to save it.

After centuries of sleep, the gargoyle has no interest in a present he can’t relate to. Yet, through the haze of his hibernation, a voice calls to him. He awakens restrained by those he swore to protect. Evan and Adel must work to understand the power connecting them and escape the evil hunting Evan, before the Church destroys Adel.

1st Edition published by Silver Publishing, July 2011

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.25