Accidentally on Porpoise

Placida Pod, #1

Accidentally on Porpoise was such a good read that I couldn't put it down until I was done reading it. The story of shape shifting Porpoises was a page turner to the end. I enjoyed the humorous by play between Sean and Emery a much as the sexual attraction. It made my Kindle very hot. The stalking element made for just the right tension and suspense. This one I recommend gladly and gleefully. I can't wait to read the next book in the series, Porpoiseful Intent.

When Sean Morita accidentally runs over a dolphin he doesn’t expect to find a good looking man in the water instead. He takes Emery Nadel home to dress his wounds and ends up with a long day of great sex. When Emery tells Sean what he is and what they are to each other, Sean doesn't hesitate at all for he is intensely attracted to Emery. He wants to explore and doesn't want to loose Emery as he might be falling in love. Emery knows that his bond with Sean is rare and special, but he also knows his family won't accept Sean. Emery will not give him up for anything. When there is an attempt on Sean’s life though Emery discovers something really important. Can Emery and his people find the criminal or will Sean become a victim of the stalker?

Book Blurb for Accidentally on Porpoise

Sean Morita and Emery Nadel are about to find out that sometimes true love is more than a lucky fluke when you meet Accidentally on Porpoise.

Sean didn't expect to run into--and nearly over--Mr. Right while out in his boat. He's thankful the naked hunk isn't badly hurt. He's even more thankful the naked hunk wants to go home with him. Although when Mr. Right claims to be a dolphin, Sean wonders how hard he got hit in the head.

If Emery hadn't been so busy chasing another tail--literally--he wouldn't have done something so stupid as running straight into the path of a boat. Lucky for him that Sean, the boat's owner, is even hunkier than the piece of dolphin tail he'd been chasing.

Unfortunately, Emery's pod thinks he should stick to his own kind. There are those who would try to hurt Sean if Emery won't let him go. Can Emery protect the man he loves?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.00