Accepting His Human

Wolves of Stone Ridge # 4

When genetics professor and crypto zoologist Drake Whitton is hired to research a strain of DNA he doesn't know what he is getting into. Then he is carjacked outside work by a missing detective. He’s brought to the hospital and is greeted by Doctor Ailean Carmichael. The attraction is instant and intense between the two men. Carmichael knows why it seems Drake Whitton is his mate.

Ailean Carmichael knows that you don't choose your own mate and that when your mate is given to you, you make out of it what you can. Besides all humans can't be as bad as his foster parents? Right? Ailean starts wooing Drake as soon as he can, but when he finds out that its Drake's research that is causing Lyle Sullivan to change he is angry and sends Drake away without explanation. The hurt Drake feels at the rejection almost loses Ailean his mate. Can Ailean bring Drake back into his arms or will the hurt drive them apart permanently?

Accepting His Human is the next installment in the Wolves of Stone Ridge series. It continues the overall storyline and has returning characters from the previous three books. It’s a good installment and I enjoyed reading it as well as the others. I will recommend this book and series to those who like shapeshifter romances with a little adventure added in for spice. This one hit the spot in that requirement. It also has great love scenes, humorous moments and tenderness scenes that make you want to read more of it. I gladly recommend this story.

Book Blurb for Accepting His Human

Out of the cage: Events we wish we could forget still shape our lives.

Crypto Zoologist Drake Whitton works as a genetics professor at Colin City College while he figures out how to remove the eccentric label from his name, given to him by his peer's response to his last paper on the existence of the chupacabra. He thinks he's found the opportunity he needs when a private firm asks him to dissect and analyze a new DNA strand, and he discovers it contains both human and reptilian characteristics. His plans are derailed when his car gets hijacked by a detective on the run, his home gets broken into by people from the corporation he's been doing research for, and he gets seduced by the doctor assigned to care for the hijacker.

Doctor Ailean Carmichael never expects to find a mate, let alone a human one, but he's willing to take what Fate gives him. After all, not all humans are like his late foster parents, right? And an orphaned, exiled black jaguar living in a wolf shifter's territory doesn't have too many options. He decides seducing the na‹ve professor will be delicious fun for both of them, until Ailean realizes he needs to protect his little mate from those bent on experimenting on and eradicating shifters. But when Ailean discovers Drake actually works for the scientists trying to destroy him and his friends, will he take the time to listen to Drake's explanation? Or will he decide all humans really are the same?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00