A Taste For Jazz

The Hussies

Jazz Boudreaux, a bounty hunter and part time bodyguard, is recruited by the ancient order of the Hussies to protect Dr. Rockwell Burns from a madman who wants to control his inventions and keep them to himself. He wants to make money with them.

Rock though he is smart is also a master at fighting battles for himself. When he meets Jazz for the first time the attractions is strong and hot. Then he finds out why she is really there and they end up running for their lives. Will Rock and Jazz beat the madman or will the whole world suffer?

The idea of an ancient order of warrior women I think would appeal to everyone but combine that with a handsome strong man and WOW. YES! A Taste For Jazz was a very good read and I will look for other books in "The Hussies" series to read.

Book Blurb for A Taste For Jazz

Bounty hunter Jazz Boudreaux wouldn't believe it if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes. One minute she's scuffling with a "collar" in California. The next she's in a Scottish castle, being recruited by an ancient order of Hussy Warriors sworn to use their special powers to rescue the world in times of danger.

Her mission: Keep some geek scientist alive long enough to develop a technology that will save the planet.

Jazz soon discovers Dr. Rockwell Burns is anything but geeky. Delicious, maybe. Dangerous, definitely. Hard and a powerful, like his name. Suddenly, it's more personal than saving the world. It's about saving the man she loves.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.00