A Game of Chances

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A Game of Chances

Book one in the Farmingdale Gentleman's Club Series

For years Tanner has been on a mission of revenge for his dead work partner. Now at last he's found the last man responsible for James' death. But the only way to get to Steven is through Marcus. Tanner knows that Marcus has gone through hell because of Steven but he needs to use Marcus for his mission.

Betrayal seems to follow Marcus around like a cloud. When he meets Tanner he thinks that he has found a friend, but after one night of drunken lust makes Marcus think of Tanner as more. When Tanner starts seeing Steven though he feels betrayed.

Tanner has worked years for an organization called the Farmingdale Gentleman's Club as an undercover operative. He has been many people has and had many lives, if only briefly. Marcus though touches a soft spot in his heart and when his cover is blown its to Marcus that he runs for aide.

Can Marcus keep Tanner safe and alive or will Tanner's past catch up with him?

Game of Chances was an interesting storyline. It could have been, so much better if it hadn't been so all over the place. To few explanations during the book had me guessing and confused. I had no idea what I was reading really till close to the end of the book. If the storyline had been smoother in the telling it would have been a good book.

The few loves scenes were choppy and though they were hot and sensual they didn't carry the story.

If your into suspense and agents you might want to give this one a try.

Book Blurb for A Game of Chances

Contemporary/ Gay/ Action & Adventure
Super Novel
Two men, too many secrets, and even more situations trying to keep them apart. Can love really conquer all?
A meeting brought on by seeming coincidence throws Marcus and Tanner together. After becoming friends, certain truths are revealed, leading to feelings of betrayal as well as a degree of danger.
Tanner has more secrets than one man ever should, not the least of which is that he's an operative for a gray-ops organisation that's something of a family business. Sharing even that much information could kill more than just his friendship with Marcus. When one misstep on Tanner's part plants possible danger in Marcus' lap, he does what he needs to do.
Marcus doesn't know that Tanner is after the man Marcus used to date, but he for damned sure finds out, and that's just the start of things. When a computer disc and men with guns come into play, Marcus has some decisions to make. Like whether he can forgive Tanner for making him love a lie... and how far Marcus is willing to go to secure his own happiness.
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes involving weapons and violence, and some instances of drug/alcohol abuse. There are also references to paedophilia, non-consensual sex between an adult and a minor, prison gang-rape, and murder.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 3.00